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House Hunting Chronicles

House Hunting Chronicles


Well welcome, future homeowners let’s take a quick dive, to the ultimate real-estate face-off-virtual Tours vs. .in person showings! Buckle up and let’s dive into the epic battle of convenience and charm.



  1. Time Travel Mastery: Rewind, fast-forward, pause – control time and explore at your own pace. Virtual tours put you in the director’s seat of your house hunting adventure. I can attest that that, is the best feeling ever .Oooh I missed out, but Ooooh not really I got control and definitely, I will put that on an indefinite rewind till I get it right. Does that not feel magical? While house hunting virtually, you get to have that control of time and buy pass the properties that don’t really infatuate you without having anyone telling you of how great the property will be with time .You get your Opinion laid out fast – forward.
  2. Global House Hunt:  Want to check out a property on the other side of the country? Virtual tours make it as easy as a few clicks , breaking down geographical barriers.
  • Pajamas Allowed: No need to dress up! Virtual tours let you explore potential homes from the comfort of your couch, no judgement if you are still in your natural habitat kind of situation. The idea is, that you could surf however far you can, really looking like that and still get the desired outcomes.


  1. Pixel predicament: High-resolution photos can be deceiving. What looks like a spacious kitchen might turn out to be the size of a postage stamp. That could really get you into your feelings.It could even get more frustrating for the type of people who have everything planned out in their heads once they see an imagery of something they like. Like they planned their entire future!!!! But for what?
  2. Tech Hiccups: Frozen screens especially while having a live tour, lagging images-the perils of relying on technology. Your dream home might be just a buffering wheel away. Just take a quick drive go see the property in reality .Might not take up too much of whatever that you are saving on.



  1. Sensory Overdrive. Nothing beats the feel of a space. Smell that sweet pilau aroma in the kitchen? Sense the coziness of the living room? In person showings engage your senses. You would definitely know if you want to live somewhere if you go there in person, if you get the uneasy feeling or the ‘I don’t feel right at home feeling’ then that could call for a failed mission. Or you could feel at home and pay upfront for your home because it really does feel like it.
  2. Serendipity Strikes: Ever find a hidden gem that wasn’t in the listing photos? In-person showings might surprise you with unexpected features and quirks that steal your heart. And it could be the most random thing that most people wouldn’t consider a gem.
  • Neighbourhood vibes: Stroll around the block, chat with neighbours’, and get a real feel for the community. In-person showings offer an authentic taste of the local flavour.


1.        Pressure cooker: The presence of a real estate agent can add a layer of formality. Feeling rushed or judged could affect your connection with the property. You might need some time to knock off that steam for a proper sober decision.

2.        Time factor: Scheduling, coordinating, and communicating-in—person showings demands time effort. A logistical dance that might not suit everyone’s time.


There is no clear winner in this, it all boils down to personal preferences. Love the convenience of virtual tours or crave the in-person experience? The choice is yours!

But my take would be make sure you do a proper and well detailed research on the property you are eying, you better take all the precautions if needed be, a house or a property really need you to be careful while investing on if you mean it to be a home. You don’t want to be stuck on I wish I had that and not this.

So, future homeowners, which side are you on? The pixels or the palpable? Grab your house hunting sword or mouse! And embark on the adventure of a lifetime! May your home search be filled with joy, laughter, and the perfect living space .Happy House HUNTING!!!

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